Codefest'17 Appathon - Problem Statement

"The best way to show off in Computer Science? Develop cool applications which actually work!"

Codefest 2017 proudly presents its application development event - Appathon. The event kicks off on 19th September, 8:00 PM IST onwards. It will go on for one whole week (ending on 26th September, 8:00 PM IST), giving plenty of time to show your creativity via a mobile or web based application.

The event is sponsored by Walmart Labs and Topcoder. With participants from all over the globe and cash prizes worth INR 70,000 at stake, Codefest expects intense competition, enticing you to be the most innovative version of yourselves!


We have prizes worth INR 70,000 for the top performers! The best developers, according to our points system, would be rewarded as follows:
  • Overall best (web apps) - INR 18,000
  • Overall best (mobile apps) - INR 18,000
  • Overall 2nd (web apps) - INR 12,000
  • Overall 2nd (mobile apps) - INR 12,000
  • Best app within India - INR 7,000
  • Best app within IIT (BHU) Varanasi -INR 3,000
Bonus: The first 250 participants to host their applications on IBM Bluemix will receive a free T-shirt from Topcoder! Yes, this prize is just for participation.

Problem Statement

Participants have to submit their apps at this link.

As a part of our theme of platform diversification, we have developed the perfect middle ground between a formal “problem statement” and letting the participants explore their potentially limitless creativity. The participants will have two choices for the theme of their apps.

Category - I

“XYZ eCommerce” has a Financial Services division which issues a branded “XYZ MasterCard” to consumers. In addition to receiving paper statements each month, “XYZ MasterCard” customers can access a website to perform basic tasks related to their card. This website is only designed for desktop computers, but customers expect access to a mobile solution.

Miscellaneous info about the "XYZ Mastercard" (not to be implemented, but keep in mind while developing the features):
  • Customers can sign up in store or online.
  • When using the card, customers earn “XYZ Rewards” that can be redeemed to pay for purchases in store or online.
  • Customers earn 1.25% back in “XYZ Rewards” for purchases made at “XYZ stores”, and 1% for purchases made anywhere else.
  • Customers earn 1% of their purchases in “XYZ Rewards” anywhere else MasterCard® is accepted.
  • “XYZ Rewards” are earned in dollar equivalents, not points, so it's easy to know how much customers have to redeem.
Your task is to build a mobile app that can provide your customers with the basic tasks of credit card maintainance:
  • Check account balance.
  • Review transaction history.
  • Change of information (e.g. name, address).
  • You can build innovative new features within the app using the customer transaction data.
    • What might a customer want to know?
    • What would motivate them to use their card more often?
Category - II

Participants are free to build apps of their choice on a platform of their choice using the tools and frameworks of their choice (WebApps, Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps, etc.).

Submission Guidelines

Participants have to submit their apps at this link. If you don't have a Topcoder accout, sign up here. The submission must submit a zip folder necessarily containing the following items -
  1. The installable for mobile apps (like .apk for Android) / link to the webapp hosted on IBM Bluemix.
  2. A file containing the Github repository link to the documented project code/source code.
  3. A README file with necessary or relevant details to the app.
  4. A file containing the list of brownie point features incorporated.

Judgement Criteria

Participants will be judged on the following criteria:
  • UI/UX
  • Idea: Quality, Uniqueness
  • Code: Quality, Optimisation
  • Performance
  • Brownie Points: Mentioned below
Brownie Points
Judgement will in addition to other details include the following points for various aspects of your app.
  • Category: Category-I submissions will get +60 points, whereas Category-II submissions will get anywhere between +10-50 points based on the discretion of the judges.
  • Mobile Apps: Mobile apps will be awarded the following points according to features:
    • 10: Accessing SD Card contents
    • 10: Camera
    • 10: Mobile sensors
    • 10: Navigation Drawer
    • 10: SMS/calls
    • 15: Bluetooth connectivity
    • 15: Maps
    • 15: Social login (gmail, facebook. etc.)
    • 15: Using Internet API calls
    • 20: Notifications
    • 20: Payment gateway integration
    • 20: Wireless(WiFi) connectivity
    • 30: Augmented Reality
    • 30: Virtual Reality
  • WebApps: WebApps with the following features will get extra points:
    • 10: Animations
    • 10: Minifications
    • 10: Social login (gmail, facebook, etc.)
    • 10: Efficient server deployment
    • 10: Cookies/sessions
    • 10: File uploads
    • 15: Notifications
    • 15: Real-time app using sockets
    • 15: IOT (webcam or mic)
    • 15: Responsive app
    • 20: Offline support
    • 20: SPA (Single page apps)
    • 20: Progressive app
    • 20: Isomorphic apps (SSR)
  • IBM Bluemix: All WebApps should necessarily be hosted on IBM Bluemix, and any server-side component of a mobile app should be hosted on IBM Bluemix. Signup here. This will fetch the participant +40 points.
  • IBM Watson: Usage of the IBM Watson services will fetch the participant +20 points.


  1. This is a team participation hackathon. You can have at most 2 members in your team.
  2. Duration of the whole event is 7 days. It will start at 8:00 PM IST on 19th September and end on 8:00 PM IST 26th September.
  3. All the team members should be registered on the Codefest website and should have provided their Topcoder username in the update profile section. Sign up for Topcoder here. Users who aren't registered will be ineligible for prizes.
  4. After logging into the codefest website, the participants should create their teams for the Appathon event in the Dashboard.
  5. Participants can sign up for free IBM Bluemix credits here.
  6. You are expected to come up with new and innovative ideas, any idea that has been copied from somewhere will be disqualified.
  7. The intellectual property of your code belongs only to your team.