Open Sorcery



The defining movement of software industry in the late 20th century has been that of FLOSS(Free liber and Open Source Software). This ideology has helped deliver quaity software for free and set a baseline for commercial ones to best and has undeniably led to the betterment of the software horizon.
Followin this tradition of giving back to the community, Codefest'18 brings you an event, the first of its kind, Open-Sorcery, where participants will be given an opportunity to contribute to real world Open Source projects, make a positive change, and win amazing prizes while doing so.


Coming Soon
Problem Statement

Date will be announced soon.

Contact Details
Divesh Pandey
Phone Number: 7500136447


Will the event be online and is it free?

Yes, the event will be completely online and platform will be announced soon. There are no charges to participate.

Will we get participation certificate?

Yes, everyone will get participation certificate.

How to register for the event?

You can register by clicking on register button or going to events section and click on Create Team button.

What is the team size?

Maximum of 1 person can participate in this event.