As historians say, the World War 2 was not won because of military strength or army consolidation, but due to the cryptographic abilities of the nations. Day by day, as technology is advancing, there is a need of stronger encryptions which will protect our data from being misused. Thus, cryptography plays a major role in today's software industry. Hence, Codefest is bringing out Decipher, a cryptographic challenge in which the participants shall use their deducing, cryptographic and programming skills to decrypt a set of messages. We assure that the challenges put forth shall not only require using previously learnt algorithms, but require an innovative approach combined with logical and analytical skills. This event has been merged with CTF.

Contact Details
Phone Number: 9466010005


Will the event be online and is it free?

Yes, the event will be completely online and platform will be announced soon. There are no charges to participate.

Will we get participation certificate?

Yes, everyone will get participation certificate.

How to register for the event?

You can register by clicking on register button or going to events section and click on Create Team button.

What is the team size?

Maximum of 1 member can participate in this event.