"Listening to the data is important, but so is experience and intuition. After all, what is intuition at its best but large amounts of data of all kinds filtered through a human brain rather than a math model?" Thus, Codefest in association with Eligible presents you to its Machine Learning Event "Enigma". As Big Data is the hottest trend in the tech industry at the moment, machine learning is incredibly powerful to make predictions or calculate suggestions based on large amounts of data. It has its place everywhere now, be it driverless cars, biometric systems, recommendation systems and countless other fields. In the event, the data analysts need to design a model which learns by itself and provide efficient solutions to real life problems.

Contest Duration
31 August 2018 08:00 hrs IST to 2 September 2018 20:00 hrs IST
Contact Details
Jay prakash Gupta
Email: jayprakash.gupta.cse15@itbhu.ac.in
Phone Number: 9793457721
Vandit Jain
Email: vandit.jain.cse15@iitbhu.ac.in
Phone Number: 8764340070


Will the event be online and is it free?

Yes, the event will be completely online and platform will be announced soon. There are no charges to participate.

Will we get participation certificate?

Yes, everyone will get participation certificate.

How to register for the event?

You can register by clicking on register button or going to events section and click on Create Team button.

What is the team size?

Maximum of 2 members can participate in this event. To add second member create team and enter his email id. A confirmation mail will be sent to him.