This event focusses on building solutions to problems involving multiple stakeholders across government, education, and the public. We want creative solutions that leverage on new technologies that will create a new value proposition and solution to age-old problems. In addition every registrant will be offered $100 AWS credit.

Event Timeline

    - Problem Statement Release - 25 August
    - AWS credit release - Visit this link to redeem your credits.
    - Submission Ends - 7 September

Problem Statement

A number of solutions in the world today are focused on solving problems for the top 20% of the world population. Even in India, the bottom 70% of the population (which accounts for nearly 12% of the world’s population) is looking for uplifting themselves towards better living standards, skills / education, livelihood and healthcare – but have limited access to resources and channels to help them with the move. With a born on cloud platform that is local, for purpose, replicable and modular, we can significantly extend the reach of available resources to the last mile of the world. During this event we want you to work on problems that you can connect with and these are some of the problem statements we have identified that could be relevant to you:

-Special Needs Voice Assistant
-Emergency service system for the elderly

-Traffic flow optimization by using public data sets and enriching those with a mobile app that understand driving behavior and could feed those back into a traffic light grid -Leverage Mobile Apps, IoT and public data sets to inform the public interactively about ongoing environmental conditions in their vicinities

-Smart Campus capability that can collect information on certain activities on campus and make planning decisions for the university (e.g. Library, Lockers)

-Chatbot that can liaise with and assist local government in dealing with citizen requests; issues, new license, forms to be completed

Any product which caters to the above idea.

Submission Guideline

You can build the project/code in your own machine in the next two weeks according to the problem statement. After that, we will provide you with a submission link wherein you have to submit two things: 1. Your whole code base 2. A presentation demonstrating your idea and how did you implement it, what all technologies were used, etc. Post this submission, we will communicate the further process.

Prize money

First - Rs 25000/-
Second - Rs 18000/-
Third - Rs 12000/-
First in India- Rs 10000/-
First in IIT BHU - Rs 5000/-


We want you to use a multitude of technologies to build out solutions but we want to introduce you to cloud computing technology during this event.
  1. What is Cloud Computing?
  2. At AWS we have a range of solutions that we believe will enable you to build cool solutions and want to expose you to these throughout the event. However you can explore these technologies below:
    1. AWS IoT
    2. AWS Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
    3. AWS Big Data
    4. As well as our Infrastructure Services
    5. Amazon Lex
      1. Build Conversational Voice & Text Interfaces
      2. Capturing Voice Input in a Browser and Sending it to Amazon Lex
      3. Activity Tracking with a Voice-Enabled Bot on AWS


Technical Enablement

Join our slack channel for any help

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The judging will be conducted by ASU, AWS and Intel representatives during your pitch and the scoring criteria will look like this:
  • 20% Ability to clearly articulate your solution and the unique value
  • 20% Originality of Idea
  • 20% Difficulty of technology used and implemented
  • 20% Completeness of the solution
  • 20% Use of AWS/Intel Technology

Submit your project Click on this link and submit.

Event Poster


Contact Details
Karthik Kumar
Email: karthik.kumar.cse15@iitbhu.ac.in
Phone Number: 7007628537


Will the event be online and is it free?

Yes, the event will be completely online and platform will be announced soon. There are no charges to participate.

Will we get participation certificate?

Yes, everyone will get participation certificate.

How to register for the event?

You can register by clicking on register button or going to events section and click on Create Team button.

What is the team size?

Maximum team size of 5 person per team is allowed.